Scalable support

Hospices save time and money with personalized bereavement care, delivered by text message.

Your patients' family members will automatically receive thoughtful messages for 13 months.

Meet Bereavement Conditions of Participation (CoP) requirements by delivering text messages twice a week for 13 months.

Step 1: Bereaved family members sign up online, using your hospice's custom code. They can add up to 4 supporters, who will each receive tips and suggestions about how to help.

Step 2: Subscribers and supporters immediately begin receiving texts customized based on cause of death, relationship to the deceased, and more. Messages are delivered at least twice a week, as well as on key dates, for 13 months.

Step 3: Each quarter you’ll have the opportunity to generate new leads, by sending texts directly to family members and their supporters, about upcoming events and outreach efforts.

Step 4: Every month you'll receive a report with detailed, accurate data about the support and resources you've provided.

Support thousands of family members, and improve retention by supporting your staff and volunteers too.

Save staff time as well as printing and mailing costs. Gather data automatically and more efficiently.

Extend your reach and generate leads with personalized event and outreach reminders.

Receive monthly reports summarizing usage, engagement and open rates.

The texting capabilities provided by Grief Coach are particularly meaningful during the COVID crisis, a time when many of the more traditional ways of providing in-person grief support are on hold. Our bereavement team now has the ability to offer personalized, text-based support to the thousands of hospice families we care for each year. This service adds a valuable new communications channel to the care we currently provide.
Bill Finn, President and CEO, Hospice of the Western Reserve
I’ve been doing this work for a long time, and I know the challenges that hospices and other organizations face in needing to support thousands of grieving families. It’s wonderful that these caring, well-timed personal messages can now go out to all of our families. Subscribers can add in their friends and family, too. Grief Coach gives our bereavement coordinators a way to ensure that none of our family members have to grieve alone.
Diane Synder-Cowan, Bereavement Professionals Section Leader, National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

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