Grief Coach makes it easy for NGOs, hospices, hospitals, organ procurement organizations, and others to deliver personalized, ongoing grief support. For a fraction of the cost of mailers and other services, your organization can use the Grief Coach platform to provide regular bereavement care via text, to the grieving people you support.

We offer re-seller/revenue-share partnerships as well as discounted subscription packages, to make it easy and affordable for you to deliver text-based support.

Set-up is easy, with nothing to install. Messages are sent automatically and customized based on age, cause of death, relationship to the deceased and more. Your organization can send your own event reminders and notices, too.

Deliver personalized support, for hundreds or even thousands of family members, and for your volunteers too.

Save staff time and printing/mailing costs. Texts are delivered automatically.

Personalize welcome messages and quarterly texts to be delivered by your organization.

Receive monthly usage reports as well as quarterly survey data on bereavement outcomes.

Contact us for more information on how your organization can deliver text-based support

One of the things I love about Grief Coach is that it’s non-invasive. My team can be in regular touch with the families we support, without it being awkward. I am also glad that we can customize some of the text messages, so that they come specifically from our hospice.
Zeena Regis, MDiv. Hospice Bereavement Coordinator, Georgia, USA
After providing clients with a meaningful, beautiful memorial, I'm thrilled to now be able to provide Grief Coach subscriptions to grieving friends and family, that will last all year long. Our memorials set the groundwork, but grief is a long process, and one that is better when we're supported over time.
Lisa Hartley, Celebrant, Simply Ceremony
My clients talk to me all the time, about the lack of help and understanding they get from friends and family. If the people closest to them felt more comfortable and confident providing support, I think it would go a long way to helping my clients manage the depression and isolation that too often accompany grief.
Lisa Bancroft, Therapist. MSW, LICSW.
Kids are hit the hardest by loss — especially because they often don't talk about their grief, even with us. We’re there for them during the one week we have them at camp, but I’m thrilled that now with Grief Coach they will have on-going support from friends and family, in the environment where they feel the most comfortable and in control — on their phones!