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Text surveys deliver strong satisfaction scores and response rates for hospices
17 September 2021

Grief Coach CEO, Emma Payne, says that “when people are supported in their grief their risk of negative health outcomes such as depression, substance use, anxiety and illness is reduced. So it makes sense that hospices who care about their bereaved families are looking for effective, thoughtful ways to deliver care and make sure the care is helpful.”

Bury Me In New Jersey

Lay Lady Lay
14 September 2021

In this interview with Sara Wuillermin, Grief Coach founder & CEO, Emma Payne, discusses the personal experiences that drew her to develop Grief Coach, the difficulties many grieving individuals face after a loved one dies, and how Grief Coach helps grievers and their loved ones navigate this space.

IG Live with Shelby Forsythia

The Power of Text-Based Grief Support
14 September 2021

Grief Coach founder & CEO, Emma Payne, chats live with author and grief guide, Shelby Forsythia.

Psych Central

Refuge in Grief: Exploring What It Means to Grieve
2 September 2021

When you go looking for support inside your grief, author and therapist Megan Devine says it’s important that you look for resources that make you feel seen and supported, not like a problem in need of a solution."


What To Say to Someone Going To a Funeral
21 July 2021

Giving grieving people an opportunity to talk about the person who’s died can be a real gift. Grief Coach CEO, Emma Payne, offers suggestions for how to get started including, “How long have you known Susan? I’d love to hear more about her after the funeral if you’d like to share.”

Healthcare Industry Today

As Wait Times for Mental Health Services Grow, Text Message Program Expands to Provide Immediate Grief Support
6 July 2021

With a scalable text messaging platform and expanded team, Grief Coach replaces 6 month wait times with instant, year-long support. "It takes less than 10 minutes to sign up," says Founder and CEO, Emma Payne, "so that's a great alternative for people facing months on a wait list."

The Aftershocks of After Loss

Zeena Regis on grief, resilience, and her new role with Grief Coach
29 June 2021

Grief Coach's Client Care Manager, Zeena Regis, speaks with Rachel Donnelly about grief, resilience, and her new role working with Grief Coach clients.

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Healthcare providers overwhelmed by pandemic losses can now get support via text.
27 June 2021

There is an urgent need to provide bereavement training and support to nurses and social workers, as a way to improve employee morale, reduce burnout, and eliminate avoidable workplace errors


Bobbie Thomas' emotional essay after her husband's death: 'I feel deeply alone'
23 June 2021

Bobbie Thomas writes ... "It's always been my mission to help women feel good, whether it's with beauty and fashion or through sharing stories of love and loss. So I'll continue to share the tools that I have — including the books I'm reading ("It's OK that you're not OK" by Megan Devine), the resources I'm using (The Wendt Center and Grief Coach) and the countless pieces of good advice I've been given — as my way of honoring Michael."

The New York Times

The Year Grandparents Lost: The enforced separations of the pandemic have brought a particular kind of mourning to many grandparents.
11 March 2021

Grief Coach founder, Emma Payne, contributed to this New York Times article about grandparents & grief. The writer says "grief isn’t too strong a word for those grandparents who have yearned all year for a small hand in theirs, for a hug without fear."

Widowed Parent Podcast

Emma's Interview with Jenny Lisk
17 November 2020

Curatio Connects

Podcast: Dealing With Grief While Social Distancing
25 August 2020

Employee Benefit News Cover Story - May/June 2020

Managing Compassionately During Coronavirus
12 May 2020

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Press Release
15 April 2020