How much does Grief Coach cost?

A full year's Grief Coach subscription for you and up to 4 others, will be just $99.00 - that's less than the cost of a single therapy session! Organizations who provide bereavement support can also contact us for package discounts.

Where is Grief Coach available?

We deliver text messages to people all around the world. As long as you have a mobile number, you can sign up for our text-based support.

Can Grief Coach send text messages in different languages?

Grief Coach is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Hmong, Italian, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Tagalog, Ukrainian, Urdu and Vietnamese, with more languages coming soon.

Will you keep my data secure?

Absolutely. Your personal data will not be sold or shared with anyone, and is very secure. Here is our Privacy Notice.

What kinds of losses do you support?

We have text messages for people working through the following losses: Accident, Alzheimer's/Dementia, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, COVID-19, Drug & Alcohol Related Death, Homicide, Natural Causes, Other Illness, Stillbirth, Stroke, Sudden Infant/Child Death, Suicide and Termination of a Pregnancy for Medical Reasons.

What kinds of text messages will you be sending me?

You'll receive personalized text messages at least twice a week as well as on key dates that provide information, tips and resources about grief. The messages will be selected for you based on your relationship to the deceased, cause of death, and more.

Is it true that you'll send texts to my friends and family, as part of my single subscription?

Yes, that's right. We believe that all grieving people should have the support of friends and family, so each subscription includes text support for the grieving person as well as gentle coaching for the people who want to support them.

Do I have to share the cause of death?

Not at all. If you'd prefer not to share the cause of death you'll still receive text messages with advice about working through a loss, they just won't be specific to your particular kind of loss.

Who should I add as my supporters?

You can invite anyone you like to support you in your grief, of course, but please ask them first. We recommend adding supporters who are close to you and/or the central griever, but may not be grieving the deceased as deeply. The messages that supporters receive will focus on supporting the central griever, versus working through their own grief. As is always true with grief, the best approach depends on your situation. Everyone is different.

Can I use Grief Coach to provide support to the bereaved people my organization supports?

Absolutely. Organizations who provide bereavement support (i.e. hospices, tissue and eye banks, hospitals, organ procurement organizations, churches, funeral providers) can purchase packages of subscriptions, so that all the people they support can receive affordable, personalized care.

What's the best way to invite supporters to be part of my Grief Coach subscription? I'd love to have their support this year, but I feel awkward asking for their help.

Asking people to support you can be hard, so here's some suggested language to get you started.

"Hi XXXX. I have signed up for a service called Grief Coach, that delivers personalized grief support via text, and am finding the messages comforting and useful. I can include up to 4 other people in the subscription, who want to support me this year. I wonder if you'd be willing to receive suggestions and reminders for how to support me? I know that many people find it hard to know what to say and do, when someone is grieving, so maybe Grief Coach can help both of us. Let me know if I can add you, I’d be very grateful for your support."

Is this a way for me to get grief counseling or therapy?

No, Grief Coach is not a substitute for counseling or therapy. We offer education and support via text message, and are proud to be making grief support accessible and affordable in this way, but would encourage you to also work one-on-one with a therapist, if that is an option for you. Of course Grief Coach can still be a great adjunct to therapy, providing additional support to you, and helping those around you too. Friends and family generally do not access therapy after a loss, so Grief Coach is a good way for them to get tips and suggestions, so that they can in turn support you.

Can I stop my subscription if I don't want to receive the messages anymore?

Yes, you can text STOP and START if you'd like to stop receiving messages, or if you'd like to pause your subscription and then get started again later.

Who created Grief Coach?

Grief Coach was conceived and created by a small team of people who are passionate about end of life and grief support, and who also have decades of experience building mobile and online communities.

How does a Grief Coach gift subscription work?

With Grief Coach subscription gifts, you will be purchasing a Grief Coach subscription for your loved one that lasts one year. The subscription starts when your loved one completes their welcome questionnaire.

They will receive personalized text messages each week, as well as on key dates. The messages will be selected for them, based on their relationship to the deceased, cause of death, and more. They can also add friends and family members to the subscription, so they can receive personalized messages on how best to support the recipient through their grief journey.

Your recipient may choose to renew their subscription out of pocket without interruption at the end of the year.

How long does a Grief Coach subscription last?

Grief Coach subscriptions last for twelve months. Renewals are available for just $79.00 for subscribers who reach the end of their subscriptions and wish to continue receiving texts for another year. Your second year of texts will contain new content, tips & resources to support you over time.

Who are your grief experts?

Grief Coach is lucky to work with an incredible group of featured contributors who use their wisdom and experience to help us craft specialized text messages based on their particular areas of specialization.