Grief is hard

Getting good grief support doesn't have to be. We'll text you personalized support, all year long. If your friends want to help, but aren't sure how, we'll text them tips and reminders too.

Grief support to your phone for only $99.00 / year.
Personalized based on your loss.

For less than the price of an hour's therapy, we'll send you thoughtful, personalized tips and suggestions all year long. Texts are curated by experts and customized based on your loss. Because nobody should have to grieve alone.

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Personalized texts twice a week

Messages based on relationship, cause of death & more

Texts for friends who want to support you

Key date reminders and holiday support

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5 tips for supporting your grieving loved one over the holidays

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Happy Holidays! Or are they? The holiday season is filled with twinkling lights and cheerful music, but this may not be reflective of how your grieving loved one is feeling. In fact watching people planning social gatherings and family parties may make your loved one painfully aware that someone who used to be part of their celebrations, is no longer here. It is normal to feel helpless when you’re trying to support someone who is grieving during the holiday season. We hope these 5 tips will help!

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all year long

all year long

all year long

There is nothing that helps you prepare your 23-year-old daughter to be a pallbearer for her best friend, and then subsequently grieve that loss. Enter Grief Coach. It was an incredible service that had a powerful and positive impact on how I could understand and actually help my daughter. Thank you for this service. I hope to never need you again but I continue to recommend you to friends and you will be my first stop should I need grief guidance again.