Grief is hard

Getting good grief support doesn't have to be. We'll text you personalized support, all year long. If your friends want to help, but aren't sure how, we'll text them tips and reminders too.

Grief support to your phone for only $99.00 / year.
Personalized based on your loss.

For less than the price of an hour's therapy, we'll send you thoughtful, personalized tips and suggestions all year long. Texts are curated by experts and customized based on your loss. Because nobody should have to grieve alone.

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Grief Coach helps you get the support you need:

Personalized texts twice a week

Messages based on relationship, cause of death & more

Texts for friends who want to support you

Key date reminders and holiday support

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Text surveys deliver strong satisfaction scores and response rates for hospices

Grief Coach CEO, Emma Payne, says that “when people are supported in their grief their risk of negative health outcomes such as depression, substance use, anxiety and illness is reduced. So it makes sense that hospices who care about their bereaved families are looking for effective, thoughtful ways to deliver care and make sure the care is helpful.”

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all year long

all year long

all year long

Grief Coach has helped me realize that I am not alone and that my feelings are normal. The text messages give me advice and help that I can’t normally get at my age, from friends or adults. I feel like the texts are a special thing for me to look at when I really need them. They help me discover myself and my feelings after the loss of my mom. Help being a text message away is one of the best things that has been given to me, to work through my grief.