Grief is hard

Getting good grief support doesn't have to be. We'll text you personalized support, all year long. If your friends want to help, but aren't sure how, we'll text them tips and reminders too.

Grief support to your phone for only $99.00 / year.
Personalized based on your loss.

For less than the price of an hour's therapy, we'll send you thoughtful, personalized tips and suggestions all year long. Texts are curated by experts and customized based on your loss. Because nobody should have to grieve alone.

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Grief Coach helps you get the support you need:

Personalized texts twice a week

Messages based on relationship, cause of death & more

Texts for friends who want to support you

Key date reminders and holiday support

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How to include a grief plan in your end of life plan

During the end-of-life planning phase, we can give grief permission to exist. Giving a voice to the grief that is present can create a sacred space where feelings and thoughts can be shared, absorbed, and in some cases released.

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all year long

all year long

all year long

Losing my Dad turned my life upside down. I didn't know what to do, I didn't know how to handle my emotions. I was broken and trying to grieve. I came across Grief Coach on Instagram and immediately signed up. Receiving texts every few days has helped me tremendously. With texts specifically for me and the loss of my Dad, I felt a sense of comfort. I was also able to add my husband to the service so that he could better understand what I was going through and how to help me. We were able to have open conversations about grief. I wasn't in this alone, and all of my feelings were valid. When other people forgot that I was grieving, Grief Coach helped me understand this journey I'm on and that it's okay to feel all the emotions I was feeling. Sending articles and videos were also so helpful when trying to navigate grief, especially when it's not widely talked about. I am thankful a service like this exists as it has really helped me in my journey.