Hui-wen Sato

Clinicians and Grief

Hui-wen has been a pediatric ICU nurse since 2010. She has been published in the American Journal of Nursing, Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine, AACN Advanced Critical Care, and she is a regular contributor to AJN’s blog, Off the Charts. Her writing has also been published in the Oxford Handbook of Meaningful Work and The Healer’s Burden: Stories and Poems of Professional Grief. Her 2017 TEDxTalk was promoted to the main TED webpage in 2020, titled “How Grief Helped Me Become a Better Caregiver.” She has given keynote presentations at various local and national nursing conferences, and created a webinar for Happify titled, “How to Care for Yourself as a Caregiver.” She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, their two daughters, tortoises and dog.