team featured contributors

Katrina Spade

Katrina Spade is a designer and the inventor of a system that transforms the dead into soil (aka human composting). In 2017, Katrina founded Recompose, a public benefit corporation, with the goal of offering earth-centric, participatory, and meaningful death care. Recompose has led the successful legalization of human composting in Washington State, Oregon, and Colorado. In 2020, Recompose began offering the service of human composting to the public.

Katrina and her team have been featured in Fast Company, NPR, the Atlantic, BBC, Harper’s Magazine, and the New York Times. She is an Echoing Green Fellow, an Ashoka fellow, and a Harvard Kennedy School Visiting Social Innovator.

Marcelo Morales

Marcelo is an entrepreneur and company founder in health care and life sciences. He is the co-founder of Amend Health, a digital health integrator into critical access hospitals in the US supporting urban and rural underserved communities. Amend Health partners with and invests in companies with novel digital health solutions addressing complex health care concerns for both in-patient and direct to patient care. Amend Health is partnered with Grief Coach. Marcelo is also the founder of companies in human genetics and biotechnology.

Sam Blackman

Sam is the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Day One Biopharmaceuticals. He is a physician-scientist trained in pediatric hematology/oncology and neuro-oncology, and has led the early clinical development of more than 10 novel cancer therapeutics. Prior to founding Day One, Dr. Blackman was Head of Clinical Development at Mavupharma, Head of Clinical Development at Silverback Therapeutics, and held roles at Juno Therapeutics, Seattle Genetics, Merck, and GlaxoSmithKline. Dr. Blackman is a graduate of the pediatric hematology/oncology fellowship program at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Children’s Hospital Boston, and the pediatric residency program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. He received his MD and PhD degrees from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and his undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Chicago.

An accomplished writer and storyteller, Sam has written and performed dozens of short stories around the country at The Moth as well as other venues and is a two-time Moth GrandSLAM champion. He lives on Orcas Island, WA with his wife Julie, and their daughter.