Grief support

Deliver personalized, scalable, affordable bereavement support, by text message.

Your organ, eye and/or tissue donor families will appreciate the thoughtful messages and check-ins you send them, all year long.

Audit-compliant reports available for AATB, AOPO, EBAA, CMS and FDA inspections.

With Grief Coach it’s easy for your donation recovery, processing, or research organization to deliver bereavement support to organ, eye, tissue, and/or research donor families at a fraction of the cost of other services.

How it Works

Step 1: Donor families sign up online, using your organization's custom code.

Step 2: Subscribers immediately receive a personal welcome message from your organization.

Step 3: Your subscribers receive texts twice a week, as well as on key dates, all year long. Messages are customized based on cause of death, relationship to the deceased, and more.

Step 4: Each quarter you’ll have the opportunity to send a customized, direct message to all the people you're supporting. Share special event invitations or fundraising drives.

Step 5: Every month you'll receive a report summarizing the support you've provided to your donor families. Reports are audit-compliant for AATB, AOPO, EBAA, CMS, and FDA inspections.

Deliver personalized support, for hundreds or even thousands of donor family members.

Save staff time and printing/mailing costs. Texts are delivered automatically.

Personalize welcome messages and quarterly texts to be delivered by your organization.

Receive monthly usage reports summarizing the support you've provided.

The proof is in the pudding: I am a skeptic by nature, but after previewing Grief Coach based on how they handle sudden, traumatic deaths like suicide, homicide, heart attacks, and aneurisms, I immediately sensed the invaluable service that could be offered to organ, eye, and tissue donor families. One of the things I love about Grief Coach is that it’s non-invasive. Donor Family Services Teams can be in regular touch with the families they support without it being awkward. Grief Coach can also customize some of the text messages to come specifically from a donation or recovery organization as well as send out important reminders for annual events like Donate Life Month. All of this saves valuable staff time and print/postage costs by leveraging text messages. As the former Manager of Donor Family Aftercare for OneLegacy in Southern California, scalable, affordable, compassionate follow-up became such a challenge for my team with such large numbers of donor families (4000+ per year). Grief Coach could resolve a portion of this large need for those families opting into text messaging follow up. I cannot wait to share this service with my national colleagues so that donor families can access this valuable service.
Michelle A. Post, MA, LMFT, CTBS, Board of Governors & Chair of Donor Family Services Council for American Association of Tissue Banks
My friend's daughter just died unexpectedly. Even though I work in traumatic grief and death, this is one time I needed guidance. The Grief Coach text messaging program is exactly what I needed, and has helped me to support my friend. This is a game changer for helping us to help others as they grieve.
Jessica Dale, MSN, DNPc, CCFP, CTP, Wisconsin, USA

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