Sympathy Gifts

It's hard to know what to say or do, when someone dies. Flowers don't seem like enough. Grief Coach subscriptions are the best way to show your grieving loved one you care, with personalized support sent to their phone, all year long.

Grief takes time. For $99.00 $74.25 you'll be supporting your grieving loved through all of this year's ups and downs.

Long after the flowers have wilted, and people have returned to their normal lives, your loved one will continue to receive caring support, personalized for their loss.

The texts help us navigate our grief

— 4 Grief Coach subscribers share their experience
The text messages I receive make me feel as if someone I trust - someone who has gone through this themselves - is speaking directly to me. It’s not generic. The messages are personal and thoughtful; they help me to process my grief and keep my Dad in my heart.
Candice, Grief Coach Subscriber
My clients talk to me all the time, about the lack of help and understanding they get from friends and family. If the people closest to them felt more comfortable and confident providing support, I think it would go a long way to helping my clients manage the depression and isolation that too often accompany grief.
Lisa Bancroft, Therapist. MSW, LICSW.

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