Sympathy Gifts

Grief Coach subscriptions are thoughtful, practical ways to let your grieving loved one know you care.

For just $99.00, you can gift your grieving loved one a full year of text-based grief support.

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There is something more you can do.

When someone you care about is grieving, it’s understandable that you want to take their pain away or help them feel better. But flowers, sympathy cards, and casseroles may not fully express your heartfelt care.

Grief Coach was designed for when you wish you could do more to convey compassion and support in a personalized way.

Grief Coach will send your grieving loved one resources, and reminders curated from the top books, podcasts, and publications on loss and grieving. We also work directly with grief experts who create messages that are personalized to your recipient's loss. Your gift recipient will receive:

  • Grief support customized to their loss and their relationship with the loved one who died

  • Expert tips and resources for healing

  • Acknowledgement and support around meaningful dates

  • Suggestions for ways to process and express how they feel

  • Tips for coping with change

  • The opportunity to invite friends or family members to receive personalized messages about supporting them throughout the year

"I bought a Grief Coach subscription for my aunt when her husband died last year. I was feeling sad for her and frustrated not knowing what I could do from a distance. I was so happy when I heard back from her that she’d used it and found the texts to be a great help. It feels so much better knowing you are offering someone something thoughtful and helpful during a difficult time."

Gardner Congdon, gift buyer

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Gift a Subscription

Frequently asked questions

  • How does a Grief Coach gift subscription work?

    With Grief Coach subscription gifts, you will be purchasing a Grief Coach subscription for your loved one that lasts one year. The subscription starts when your loved one completes their welcome questionnaire.

    They will receive personalized text messages each week, as well as on key dates. The messages will be selected for them, based on their relationship to the deceased, cause of death, and more. They can also add friends and family members to the subscription, so they can receive personalized messages on how best to support the recipient through their grief journey.

    Your recipient may choose to renew their subscription out of pocket without interruption at the end of the year.

  • What kinds of losses do you support?

    We have text messages for people working through the following losses: Accident, Alzheimer's/Dementia, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, COVID-19, Drug & Alcohol Related Death, Homicide, Natural Causes, Other Illness, Stillbirth, Stroke, Sudden Infant/Child Death, Suicide and Termination of a Pregnancy for Medical Reasons.

  • How long does a Grief Coach subscription last?

    Grief Coach subscriptions last for twelve months. Renewals are available for just $79.00 for subscribers who reach the end of their subscriptions and wish to continue receiving texts for another year. Your second year of texts will contain new content, tips & resources to support you over time.

  • How much does Grief Coach cost?

    A full year's Grief Coach subscription for you and up to 4 others, will be just $99.00 - that's less than the cost of a single therapy session! Organizations who provide bereavement support can also contact us for package discounts.