The tips and reminders you’ll receive as part of your Grief Coach subscription are drawn from hundreds of expert sources, and customized based on cause of death, age, relationship to the deceased and more.

When someone dies it can be daunting to scour the web and bookstore shelves, in search of the best information for your specific situation. Grief Coach does the research for you, drawing wisdom from sources such as the ones listed below, and then creating short, personalized, time-based text messages for people who are grieving, but also for the friends and family who want to support them.

  • National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement
  • Safe Crossings Foundation
  • Coalition to Support Grieving Children
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • "Grief Works," Julia Samuel. Scribner. 2017.
  • "There Is No Good Card For This," Kelsey Crowe, Phd, and Emily McDowell. Harper Collins Publishers. 2017.
  • Rebecca Peyton, Author, Playright, TEDTalk speaker. "Sometimes I Laugh Like My Sister," Oberon Modern Plays. 2019.
  • Modern Mourning, pregnancy & infant loss support



Grief support to your phone, all year long.

A Grief Coach subscription lasts longer than flowers and casseroles, delivers messages to up to 5 people, and is personalized based on your loss.

It has always been very clear to me that the friends and family of someone who is bereaved desperately want to help. The difficulty comes when they don't know how. They are likely to be scared of getting things wrong and making them worse, and so do nothing. I asked many people who were bereaved what the single most important factor in the rebuilding of their lives was, and every single one of them said, "My partner ... my parent ... my friend ... my sibling..." It may be one close relationship, or it may be many friends and family playing different roles, but the path to rebuilding your trust in life has to be paved with people who care about you.