January 2020 Newsletter | Grief Coach

3 January 2020

Grief Coach's ups, downs, ins & outs!

Launching Grief Coach has already been the most fulfilling work experience of my life, and I'm just getting started.

Thank you for being one of the health care professionals, bereavement managers, entrepreneurs, therapists, friends and change makers who cheered me along this year.

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Podcasts Aplenty!

It's a privilege to be part of the explosion of conversation about death and grief.

I've been interviewed a lot in the last few months. Death and grief are getting the attention of interviewers and audiences alike, boosted by new Netflix shows like Dead To Me, the expanding Death Positive Movement, best sellers such as When Breath Becomes Air, and the lightning speed growth of Death Cafes and Death Over Dinners. Most recently I interviewed with Terri Mead, for her Piloting Your Life podcast. At one point as we talked, Terri said I'd given her chills (the good kind!), because she simply hadn't had this kind of conversation about death before.

Grief Coach for Organizations

New, specialized packages for Tissue Banks, Hospices and Funeral Homes

The bereavement teams who work at hospices, tissue and eye banks and funeral homes are truly an inspiration, working hard to provide follow-up care to families after a death. I'm so proud of the new, specialized services Grief Coach offers, that make it easier for these organizations to provide ongoing, compassionate care to the thousands of families they support every year. Using the Grief Coach platform to deliver text-based grief support saves organizations time and money, while also improving the consistency and continuity of grief support they're able to deliver.

Hot off the presses, I'm happy to announce that we've signed a contract with the San Antonio Eye Bank who will start providing text-based bereavement support to their donor families later this month.

Sympathy Gifts

We're proud to be offering sympathy gifts in partnership with Give InKind.

Meeting Laura Malcolm, the founder of Give InKind, was one of many highlights for me last year. I watched Laura win the Female Founder's Alliance national pitch competition in October, and cheered her on as she went on to raise $1.5M to expand her work. Laura is equal parts passion and dedication, and I'm so happy to be partnering with her to offer Grief Coach subscriptions to the tens of thousands of people who use Give InKind to support people after a loss or other life challenge.

Ways You Can Help

If we were sitting having a coffee right now, I'd tell you my good news, but I'd also be asking for suggestions and introductions to help Grief Coach grow.

Here are some ways you can help:

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  • Introduce me to your colleagues at hospices, tissue and eye banks, funeral homes and others who may be ready to shift to text-based grief support in 2020.
  • Feedback on our re-branding? What do you think of the new design that's live now at grief.coach? Is it clear what we do?
  • Could you make any media/PR/podcast introductions to help me shout from the rooftops about the need for accessible, affordable grief support.
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Thank you, and Happy New Year.

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