If you're like many people, you want to help your friend but aren't sure how. Flowers don't feel like enough, but grief is scary and you're worried about saying the wrong thing.

What your grieving person really needs, is your support and understanding this year. Think of us as the ultimate sympathy gift. Sign up now to receive personalized tips, suggestions and key date reminders to your phone, all year long. Grief Coach can help you feel more comfortable and informed this year, as you support your grieving friend or family member.

The very best way to say "I love you and I'm here for you" is to educate yourself, so that you can truly be part of your loved one's journey and healing. If the person you're supporting wants to receive messages too, you can add them in at any time.

My wife added me to her Grief Coach subscription, when our close friends lost their baby. I'd never lost someone close to me before so wasn't sure how to help. The Grief Coach messages have been invaluable in helping me understand what our friends are experiencing, and suggesting ways that I could help them in a way they needed, but didn't know how to ask for.

Jesse, Grief Coach subscriber

My friend's daughter just died unexpectedly. Even though I work in traumatic grief and death, this is one time I needed guidance. The Grief Coach text messaging program is exactly what I needed, and has helped me to support my friend. This is a game changer for helping us to help others as they grieve. If you work in health care, know someone grieving, or work in that space, please check it out.

Jessica Dale, MSN, DNPc, CCFP, CTP, Wisconsin, USA

My adult step-kids lost their Mom to suicide last year. I thought of them every day, but wasn't reaching out enough. Now I receive weekly suggestions about how best to connect with them.

B. Fisher, Grief Coach subscriber

It has always been very clear to me that the friends and family of someone who is bereaved desperately want to help. The difficulty comes when they don't know how. They are likely to be scared of getting things wrong and making them worse, and so do nothing. I asked many people who were bereaved what the single most important factor in the rebuilding of their lives was, and every single one of them said, "My partner ... my parent ... my friend ... my sibling..." It may be one close relationship, or it may be many friends and family playing different roles, but the path to rebuilding your trust in life has to be paved with people who care about you.

Julia Samuel, Author, Grief Works

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We'll send you thoughtful, customized tips and suggestions all year long, personalized based on your loss. Subscriptions are $99 for a full year of support, for you and up to 4 others who want to help.