Grief Coach's new partnership with GiveInKind.

Grief Support Media Sympathy Gift

Grief Coach subscriptions are thoughtful, long-lasting sympathy gifts, now offered in partnership with GiveInKind, a company that makes it easy for people to coordinate schedules, create wishlists, and even pull funds together, when someone they care about needs a little extra help. GiveInKind sites are a lovely way for friends and family to support someone who is grieving.

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Supporting a friend after a stillbirth.

Stillbirth Grief Support

A few months ago a young woman purchased a Grief Coach subscription when her baby was stillborn. She was devastated about the loss of her son, but was also struggling with feelings of isolation. Her best friend had flown across the country to help with the new baby, but when she found herself dealing with a death instead of a birth, she left, claiming: “I don’t know how to be with you when you’re like this.”

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