Her dad's a funeral director. Her mom works in hospice. She's a Grief Coach subscriber.

Grief Coach subscriber, Ann, shared that she was 26 when her sister died. "My mother is a hospice nurse and my father is a funeral director," she said, "so I grew up knowing exactly what kinds of grief support were available in my rural community. None of those things felt right for me, so when I found Grief Coach on Instagram I decided to try them out. I've renewed my annual subscription twice since then."

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Gina is the Bereavement Coordinator at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital. And she's exhausted.

Grief Coach Grief Support Grief Death Burnout Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers are suffering from compassion fatigue and burnout. Gina Kornfeind, a Bereavement Coordinator and Social Worker at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital, is using Grief Coach's text-based grief support program to help her keep up with the growing need for resources for patients' family members, colleagues, and her friends and neighbors too.

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How to help a friend after a stillbirth

We’re taught what to do in all kinds of emergencies (think airplane crashes and earthquakes), but no-one teaches us what to do when the inevitable happens. No one teaches us what to do when someone we love, loses someone they love. October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month, which means we all have a good opportunity to learn. 

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