My interview with Grief & Rebirth .. and what came next.

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Photograph of Emma laughing with Irene Weinberg, Vanessa Laughlin, and Brian Hartzman

I had a lot of fun recording an interview with Irene Weinberg last month.

Irene hosts a podcast called Grief & Rebirth, and asked great questions about why I started Grief Coach, how our messages work for people who are grieving, and also how friends and family members can buy subscriptions as the "ultimate condolence gift" (as Irene called it). Irene has interviewed lots of amazing people who have learned from their losses, and found ways to help others too.

A few weeks ago Irene was visiting Seattle, from her home in New Jersey. She realized that she'd interviewed 3 different people in Seattle, and invited us all to get together .. which we did. And it was fun, as you can see in this photo. I always love spending time with Vanessa Laughlin, founder of Banister Advisors, and was also thrilled to meet Brian Hartzman, who specializes in men's grief & recovery. Thanks to Irene for bringing us altogether, and for giving me a chance to share the Grief Coach story with her podcast listeners.

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