My interview for 'Let's Talk Death' made me cry.

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It was an honor to spend time last week, with Andy McNiel and Fran Solomon, of

Logo for Lets Talk DeathLet's Talk Death is a video series from HealGrief, where Fran and Andy use conversation to take the “taboo” out of death and grief.

I'd like to say that I gave a fantastic interview full of profound insights last week, but in truth the best part of the interview was hearing from Fran and Andy, two experts in the space. They have decades of experience writing books, leading organizations and sitting on boards that have supported thousands of grievers over the years, so hearing them say great things about Grief Coach was a powerful, emotional moment for me. I just listened to the interview a few times, and am bursting at the seams because Fran shared this:

Thank you for my subscription. I've had the opportunity now to be utilizing Grief Coach for months, and the text messages that come through couldn't be more thoughtful, hopeful and encouraging. I've also had the opportunity to add a few people on as my supporters, so that they can receive messages about how to support me. They tell me their messages have been inspiring and hopeful and have given them the opportunity to thoughtfully reach out to me.

Running a start up is exciting, but like all entrepreneurs sometimes I find myself wide awake in the middle of the night, wondering if I'm doing the right thing. In September I sold my house so that I could double down on Grief Coach, because I'm certain that we're going to help hundreds of thousands of people get the support they need. But - right now - text-based grief support is a brand new idea, and sometimes I let self-doubt knock me over. Which is why Fran made me cry. Because she believes in Grief Coach, and I believe in her.

I took a deep breath and we started talking about some of our new subscribers at Grief Coach. I shared the story of a young woman who lost her baby boy this year. We talked about how difficult it can be for people to know what to say and do when someone they care about is in pain. We WANT to do the right thing, but we're not sure what that is. Andy put it this way:

It's not a lack of love or care that keeps people from reaching out. It's a fear of causing more pain. And that's what I think is so wonderful about Grief Coach. I'm getting texts as a supporter of someone who is grieving. The reminders and the information I receive help me provide care to that person.

I could have cried again, but instead held it together, and was so grateful for my time with Andy and Fran, and grateful for their work to make sure no-one grieves alone. Which is why I created Grief Coach, after all.

Here's my 20 minute conversation with Fran & Andy.

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