Is giving your interviewer chills a good thing? In this case, YES!

Grief Support Podcast

My interview with Terri Mead for Piloting Your Life is my favorite interview yet. I think because - for the first time since launching Grief Coach - I wasn't just talking about grief.

As the name makes clear, Piloting Your Life is about LIFE. Not death. Chatting with Terri about house swaps, risk tolerance, and the increasing number of Facebook posts we see at this age (we're both 49), about people's losses, gave me a surge of gratitude to be doing work that matters. Before Grief Coach I worked for an international tech consultancy .. the people were great, my team was the best .. but I can't say I had many days like today, where I knew, for sure, that my work was making a difference, for people I've never even met.

Screen shot from Piloting Your Life podcastThis morning Terri shared that she thinks our time together will help her to be a better friend to the grieving people in her life. Yippee. She said she had chills as we talked, because she'd never had this kind of conversation before and (like pretty much everyone) had never been educated about how to effectively support someone who is going through the grieving process. I was so grateful for Terri's vulnerable and honest shares about when her grandparents died, the recent traumatic death of her son's teenage friend, and her own sense that sending a condolence card just isn't enough. At one point during our interview she said "I learned so much in this conversation and left inspired to be a better support when people go through grief. I've often been at a loss about what to say it never seems like enough."

I'm happy to have helped Terri, and hopefully some her listeners too, to get better at sitting with the bad stuff. Because bad stuff happens, and that's when we need each other the most. I'm glad she wrapped up the interview feeling inspired to keep track of people's losses and difficult dates over time, and that the idea of receiving practical reminders and tips via text message felt as important to her - as it does to me.

If you enjoy my interview with Terri, please subscribe to Piloting Your Life, or check out her book of the same name, to hear more inspiring, honest explorations of what it is to be alive.

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