Looking for Grief Support Beyond the First Year After a Death? Grief Coach Texts Can Help

Grief Coach Grief Support Grief Bereavement Death Text Messaging

People who've experienced the death of a significant person often tell us that support drops off sharply after the first year. At Grief Coach, we believe grievers deserve grief support for a lifetime of loss, not just in the early days of "survival mode". That's why we've written a series of Grief Coach texts specifically for what we call "long ago loss."

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3 Texts to Send a Friend Grieving the Sudden, Unexplained Death of an Infant or Child, in Partnership with Red Nose Australia

Grief Coach Grief Support Grief Bereavement Text Messaging Loss of a Child Death

Losing a baby or young child with no explanation is devastating, and leaves parents and caregivers lost for answers. If you're unsure of what to say to someone whose infant or young child died with no explanation, these helpful suggestions from Red Nose Australia are a great place to start.

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